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Leaside Electric performs thermographic infrared scans on electrical distribution equpiment as part of your building's yearly preventative maintenance. Infrared scans provide building operators with critical information before emergencies occur, giving the building enough time to address the situation before it leads to downtime or causes large damage to distribution equipment. Leaside Electric utilizes heat rise criteria as set forth by NFPA, NETA, and the 2012 Ontario Electrcial Safety Code to evaluate all scans that are performed. All results are presented in a proffessional report that clearly show what was tested, a priority rating, and recommendations for remedial action. Our infrared reports are consise and include priority images which enables property managers, board members, and insurance agents to understand the state of the building's electrical system.  

Leaside Electric provides property managers, engineering firms, consultants, and general contractors with heating cable location services. Infrared heating cable location scans save thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Our infrared heating cable location services are required in many situations including, slab injection water proofing, up-turn repairs, trench drain repairs, card reader relocation, spot asphalt repairs, spot concrete repairs, and investigational building audit core samples. Our electricians are experienced at heating cable installations and therefore also have the ability to locate cold leads that are not picked up by other companies.  

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