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Heating Cable Repairs

Avoid Major Repairs With Preventative Maintenance

Leaside Electric has over 30 years experience with heating cable repairs in Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. Our team repairs heating cables in garage ramps, stairways, walkways, rooftops, and other locations.

We have gained an unparallel level of experience as a company on how and why heating cables fail which has earned the trust and respect of many engineering firms, property management companies, and building owners. Our high profile heating cable repair projects include the CN Tower, the American Embassy, Toronto City Hall, TD Centre, First Canadian Place, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and IBM's Canadian headquarters.

Have a system in need of repair?  We can evaluate your current dysfunctional system and determine whether it will be more cost effective to repair the damaged heating cable(s) or replace the entire system. Repairing heating cables are preferred to system replacements as it enables our clients to maintain access to the ramp, walkway, or stairwell during repairs. We repair heating cables by completing a diagnostic report on the entire system, identifying fault locations using sophisticated testing equipment, exposing the fault, repairing the damaged cables, and replacing any removed material to bring the ramp, stairway, or walkway to a "like new" state.

All our heating cable repairs are 100% guaranteed and we know that the professionalism of our team will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

Locations where we have performed repairs

Property managers and building owners value the vast cost and safety benefits that Leaside Electric's preventative maintenance service provides. These services prevent against system faults, which result in downtime and restrict access to underground parking facilities. Downtime results in tenants complaints and a negative association with building management. Leaside Electric's preventative maintenance service results in:


Improved Safety 

- Preventative maintenance ensures that

 all elements of your system are fully

 functional and operate automatically

 when required, which eliminates slipping

hazards for autos and tenants

- Reduces the potential of shock hazards


Energy Efficiency

- A well-maintained snow melting system

 avoids energy inefficiencies and higher

 than necessary costs


Reduced Repair Costs

- Regular maintenance prevents against

 costly repairs caused by traveling arcs,

 which have the ability to destroy an entire



Professional Reporting

- Leaside Electric will provide you with a

 detailed, yet concise professional report

 that can be presented to board members

 or property owners

"Fault locating is a fine art and requires years of technical experience to effectively repair a system ."

Michael Duffy - Leaside Electric

Repairing the heating cables on the CN Tower roof prior to the opening of the Edge Walk

American Embassy - OTT

Toronto Dominion Centre

CN Tower - Main Pod

Pearson International Airport

Bruce Power Plant

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

West Park Hospital

Exhibition Place

IBM Canada Headquarters

Woodbine Race Track

Orilla Soldiers' Memorial

401 ONroute locations

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