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Heating cable or snow melting systems prevent against the accumulation of snow and ice on garage access ramps. Heating cable systems also reduce snow removal costs, structural damage caused by excessive salting, and a corporation's public liability. Leaside Electric's heating tracing systems ensure safe vehicular access into garage facilities while avoiding potential lost business, tenant complaints, or costs involved with a garage shut down.


All systems include heating cables, in-slab thermostats, snow detection sensors, ground fault protection, and a main snow melting controller which efficiently monitors the weather conditions and energizes the system as necessary.


Snow melting systems can be installed in various durable materials including concrete, asphalt, mastic asphalt, and interlocking. Each product has different properties and interacts with the encased heating cables in unique ways. Thermal mass, density, porosity, structural strength, and coefficients of expansion and contraction are taken into consideration when selecting materials and components for your system.


Leaside Electric has been the industry leader at installing heating cables for over 30 years and our systems can be found in such high profile locations as the CN Tower, Toronto Dominion Centre, First Canadian Place, Toronto City Hall, Simcoe Place, Yorkdale Mall, Eaton Centre, Chateau Laurier OTT, and many other high rise complexes across Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding GTA.


Our heating cable repair experience enables us to understand the root causes of system break downs, which has proved  invaluable as we challenge standard installation methods in an effort to maintain our reputation of having the most cost effective and durable systems.

Snow melting systems keep stairways clear of snow and ice, reducing the potential for slips and falls causing bodily harm. Building entrance stairs, walkways, concourses, and underground access stairwells are often heated to prevent against these dangerous events. Snow melting systems also reduce the need for corrosive salts which deteriorate concrete and natural stone. Leaside Electric has been installing heating cables in Toronto for over 30 years.

Snow melting systems keep walkways and building entrances clear of ice and snow, reducing labour costs, reducing public liability, and reducing damage to interior flooring from tracking salts and other corrosive snow melters into the building. Snow melting systems at building entrances also create a warm, welcoming, and safe feeling for tenants and employees as they enter a building. Leaside Electric’s heating cables can be encased in patterned concrete, interlocking, natural stone, and other typical finishing materials.

Locations of some of our systems

First Canadian Place

TD Centre

Toronto City Hall

Toronto Eaton Centre

CN Tower - Main Pod

Mississauga Civic Centre

Toronto Police - 55 Division

Yorkdale Mall

Exhibition Place

American Embassy - OTT

North York Hospital

West Park Hospital