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Halsall Associates is an engineering services company with a passion for sustainability and over 50 years of experience in building design, evaluation, and restoration.

3 Reasons Why Companies Choose Leaside Electric

Our high profile clients include:

Halsall Associates


Davroc & Associates Ltd. is a Canadian-owned consulting engineering firm providing a full range  of rehabilitation services for buildings and structures.

DEL Property Management maintains a portfolio of over 45,000 multi residential homes and has been operating for over 35 years.

Leaside Electric is Toronto's leading electrical contractor for providing fast, reliable service to many high-rise buildings. Our clients span across the GTA and consist of high-rise residential and commercial buildings.

Leaside Electric provides cost effective electrical restoration during thru-slab repairs. The concrete restoration industry trusts Leaside Electric to  provide safe solutions, within budget, that keep projects moving forward.

Leaside Electric is the industry leader for providing cost effective snow melting systems for garage ramps, stairwells, and building entrances. We also provide heating cable repair services and system evaluations.  

In Leaside Electric's 30 year history, we have and will continue to strive towards being Toronto's leading electrical contractor providing reliable and quality service. Our electricians are professional, courteous, and develop lasting client relationships.

Our company not only meets, but also exceeds the minimum insurance regulations for operating an electrical contracting company in Ontario. Our electricians are fully licenced and take yearly WHIMIS testing. Fall Arrest, CPR, Confined Spaces, Hoisting and Rigging, and Live Apparatus training courses are also taken as necessary, leading to a safe work environment.

Leaside Electric performs large volumes of work and therefore can negotiate lower prices with our wholesalers.  We pass these savings directly to our valued clients.

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